Harborworld can helf your company put an internet web site together that wil save your company money while providing employee with the technology to keep communication flowing

The Magic of Flash
we use macromedia flash to provide fast loading vector animation

we offer over 30 different Java Applets to really enhance your web site

MP3 sound file and QuickTime video Clips can add life to your site


We can create a password protected sub-directory to your site that allows you to provide informatoin to distributors or sales agents without shareing that infromation with your cutomers

Harborworld utiliezes the index server from microsoft to enable your visitor to enter keywords and recieve a list of links to page in the site that match their request

One very good way to draw visitors to your web site, and to gather demographic information about them, is to offer a contest so the visitor has an opportunity to win something for taking the time to navigate through your site

Personalization for your visitors means that when they visit your web site in the future, we will remember that they have here in the past and give them a personal greeting to welcome them back to the site