We offer a variety of options for your business , from Search engine packages, to complete hosting packages. Our service doesn’t stop there, because we will tailor it to your needs and can offer a vast array of other services upon request.

Consumer Profiles/Database
  • Extract, sort, and prepare mailing lists
  • Integrate Client special offer
  • Delivery to consumers extracted from database
  • Free trip donators are given access to this database for 1 year and pay $25 for each execution after the first one, which is complimentary
Banner Advertising
  • Static $150 per month 380X60 pixels.
  • Rotating $40 per month or $240 per year.
  • Button $30 month or $180 per year, 48X48 pixels includes special banner design.

Web Statistics
We implement WebTrends Enterprise Package, which is a complete e-business analysis service. We will assess your business and website and collaborate with you on the most effective course of action to sharpen your competitive edge and increase your businesses profits. This assessment continues as your website continues. Visitor and traffic data is collected and analyzed to further hone your success. Your site will record many different areas of demographics to understand what your e-customers are want and need. This is an extremely aggressive and proactive strategy to ensure an increase in sales from your current website and/or your physical store(s).
Other Services
Website development, graphics, banner or logo development, brochure development & production, SQL database work, ASP programs, e-commerce & more by quote.



In business , it is customary to hand out business cards to potential clients and contacts. In today’s technological society, why not hand out a CD-ROM representation for your business featuring an enriched multimedia offline site. With 650 megabytes of space, we can offer you a presentation for your business that will not only be informative, but also a treat for the viewer to browse through and interact with at their leisure. Take these CD-ROMS to trade shows, mail them out, use theme as business cards, or any other occasion that you can think of. It’s truly a futuristic flayer and represents your business as one that stays current with today’s market.